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Dear visitor from whatever corner of the world!

I am happy to welcome you in this blog!

My name is Olga Tkachenko, I work and live in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, Russia, together with my  husband and our three sons. I am a freelance English-Russian, German-Russian interpreter, translator and tour guide, and all three occupations are more than may job, they are my life.

My translation and interpreting career started in 2000, and for several years I was an in-house translator at several different companies. In 2004 my first son was born, and I switched over to freelancing. In 2006 I started tour guiding in Novosibirsk, and since then it has been my greatest pleasure.

The idea of blogging came to me in 2010 after I realized that people do not know much about Novosibirsk and Western Siberia. So www.mytravelog.blogspot.com was born, where I wrote about the region I live in and my travels around Siberia and all over Russia. I have changed the initial blog’s name to www.yoursiberianguide.blogspot.com , turning its contents to a sort of guidebook on Siberia.

2012 gave me a new start. My blog was discovered by my colleague from Yakutia Bolot Bochkarev, a tour guide, owner of www.VisitYakutia.com, a great man, and a good friend of mine, who asked if I wanted to write for www.AskNovosibirsk.com, and I agreed without hesitation.

In this blog I present Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region; I tell travelers what to see and do here, where to eat and where to spend an evening; about all sorts of events and shows, about social life and a lot more. If you are thinking of coming to Siberia or already planning your travel and need help, feel free to contact me with your questions; comments and ideas are highly appreciated!

If you find this blog useful, please help me make it better by sharing it with your friends.

Ask your questions, if you need more information on the region, if you are planning or are thinking about coming here or if you need my interpreting and translating services.

If you want to hire me as your English-speaking, German-speaking or Russian-speaking guide, or an English-Russian or German-Russian interpreter, do not hesitate to contact me as well! My interpreting experience includes simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at numerous conferences, seminars, round tables, workshops, negotiations, and so on.


Olga Tkachenko

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Carey:


    I am travelling to Novosibirsk July 20th and would like a local guide to show me the city and tell more about living there.
    I am travelling alone and would appreciate if you could contact me about the tours and price

    Thank you

  2. Hello Olga,
    I forwarded you an email at your personal email id regarding some tours/activities that I might arrange with a local guide in western Siberia. I plan to do my trip in 2015 — 2016; so please feel free to take your time and get back to me with some details. Also, just FYI, traveling during winter is fine with me (maybe even more preferable) and you can have some inputs for winter as well.

    Thanks very much!

    Best wishes,


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