Annual ice and snow festival in Novosibirsk

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I am happy to see all of you in this blog.

Winter is the perfect time to launch a new blog about Novosibirsk, because Novosibirsk is in Siberia, and Siberia is associated with winter and snow. So the first post is exactly about snow! And about ice, of course. Well, to more exact, it is about snow and ice figures. Loads of them are built everywhere in the city. Some of them are built by amateurs, in school yards, in front of some offices, in the streets, and others are made by professional sculptors and artists.

The prettiest are built right in the city center by professional sculptors from different cities of Russia and even other countries within the bounds of the Festival of Ice and Snow Sculptures. The festival has become a good tradition, and this year the city hosted it for the 12th time in a row.

This year the figures were superb! And it just cannot be different, snow looks beautiful even unformed, just lying around, and if a sculpture is made from it, it’s a work of art, joint creation of man and nature. Unfortunately the figures are no longer there, the festival takes place January 8 — January 31. But I have made photos, so we can enjoy watching them every day!

Normally artists give names to their creations, but due to some reason this year they haven’t done it, or just have forgotten to indicate them, so you can think of your own name for each work.

As this year’s symbol is dragon, there were several dragons this time. And the concept of many figures is spiritual to my mind.
Enjoy watching and come and visit Novosibirsk next January to see them with your own eyes.

It is a long process to create the sculptures. At first snow is put in big wooden cubes and pressed. I haven’t got the pictures of the cubes, but imagine objects up to 3 meters high and 2 meters wide, full of snow.
And the the work begins:

Snow for the figures can be taken anywhere, but ice is taken from rivers or ponds, where water is clean and clear.

After several days I came there again to see the results of work. They were really impressive! I saw plenty of people taking photos of the figures, so perhaps you could have already seen some of them somewhere.

If I’m not mistaken, the one below took the first prize this year.

The one below was called The Center of Asia.

My friend supposed it was an angel. I think it symbolized Ascension.  But whatever it was, it was inspiring.

This one was created by artists from Alta. The face has something Altai-like in it, hasn’t it?

The next two were made by young artists, schoolchildren from secondary and arts school of Novosibirsk. They are as beautiful as those made by adults, aren’t they?

I wish they didn’t destroy the figures in the end of January, so that people could enjoy them until the middle of even end of March, as long as cold remains here.

Hope you enjoyed watching and wait for more posts with pictures of ice and snow wonders in my city.

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