A spare day in Novosibirsk. Possible day trips.

You are coming to Novosibirsk for several days and have a spare one? There are many options. You can visit a museum or two and go to the Opera in the evening or you can just wander along the broad streets of the Siberian capital. But what if you have already done all that? There are many variants of day trips. If you choose one of them, you will have an idea of life an remote Russian village or in a small town, or you will enjoy natural landscapes typical for the Western Siberia. Some of these day trips may include an easy hiking tour.

  1. A tour to Kolyvan, an old town next to Novosibirsk.

Kolyvan’s history is long. Founded as a fortress approximately 300 years ago, a couple of centuries later it grew to the trading settlement where many wealthy merchants lived. There was a market where peasants from nearby villages came to sell their products. It was planned to build the railway bridge over the Ob not far from Kolyvan, but the project was deemed unreasonable, so the bridge was built in Novosibirsk and Kolyvan lost its significance. The merchants moved to Novosibirsk and the town became nearly obsolete.  Today it is a village, though quite a big one. There are some very nice merchants’ houses and a beautiful church with a monastery. The settlement is located on a hill over the river Chauss. A visitor is fascinated by beautiful landscapes. In summer a lot of open-air events are held there.


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2. A tour to the bald peaks of  Bugotak (Bugotakskiye Sopki) and Gorny.

Bald peaks of Bugotak are hills located about 70 km to the south-east of Novosibirsk. The nearest settlement is Gorny (translated as ‘mountainous’). The bald peaks of Bugotak are, of course, not totally bald, but the trees are found mostly on the northern side of them, the rest being covered with grass. Some peaks are very small, but a couple of them are about 100-200 meters high, and one of the peaks offers skiing opportunities. You can easily climb the peaks and enjoy beautiful scenery.


Gorny was founded in the 50-ies of the 20th century because of excavation of raw materials for industrial application.

3. A tour to the Rocks on the Berd (Berdkiye Skaly).


I have already written a comprehensive post about this place. This tour is long but definitely worth it. On the way you see remote villages with seemingly little civilization. On the way back you can visit a deserted marble pit not far from the town Iskitim.

Another destination just a couple of kilometers from the pit is a holy well, which, according to the legend, appeared after several priests were murdered there during the gloomy Gulag period.



















A tour of all three destinations may take the whole day. You start at about 7.00-8.00 in the morning and come back in the evening. Enjoy a short trekking at the rocks, cook lunch on the campfire, or even do some mushroom or berry picking. go for a swim in the Berв river.

All these tours are car-based, except for Kolyvan, which is accessible by bus, but hiring a car makes you more flexible.

Contact me, if interested, and I’ll help you with the greatest pleasure!

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