A special house yard in Novosibirsk

All houses built from the 60-ies up to the end of the 80-ies look nearly identical. It was the period when no one though about uniqueness, beauty and decorations. The idea of the Soviet period was  — sameness and equality. I am not going to dwell on positive and negative aspects of it, it’s the matter of the past now, but now people think differently and beauty is not the last thing.

Even identical so-called Khruschev houses now look quite nice, and it is the color of their walls and the design of the yards, which make them attractive. Not long ago I visited my sister and noticed how nice and interesting the yard of her house looks like. So I thought about writing of a series of posts about such yards, of coirse with pictures. Today I offer you the first post from this series. Look how creatively people may work with ordinary plastic bottles, old basins and even  trunks.

Enjoy watching! How do you like it?

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