A weekend walk along ‘private houses’ area under thick snow

Dear friends! After a very long silence I’m here at last! My principal job, translations, has captured me completely for more than a month, and it’s still not over, but yesterday I had such strong inspiration that I decided to write this post, which is about nothing in particular, but I still hope you’ll like it.

The matter is that after nearly snow-free January and February (though we had pretty much snow in December) the middle of March has brough us all the snow we didn’t receive before. There was thick snowfall on March 14 and yesterday, on March 18, there was even thicker one, and I decided not to waste precious time and me and my husband went for a walk. The purpose was to buy some coffee, and we could easily have done it by car, but it is so much nicer to walk with the weather being so warm and snowy, besides, the path leads through the so-called ‘private houses area’. There are still a lot of such houses in the city, some of them are nearly 100 hundres years old, and many of them are still located nearly in the city center. This is the case with the area close to where we live. Surrounded by big residential blocks, shopping malls and highways, this area is more like a suburban one, with smells of fires all around, barking of dogs, grill places, piles of timber and many other things more typical for a village than for a metropolis.

Moreover, I’ve dreamt of writing a photopost about icicles, which are found in great amounts in Novosibirsk in spring, and I’ve managed to do that at last! Some of them are spectacular! And dangerous from time to time, because if such an object accidentally falls over a person, it can cause considerable damage.  But it is not the case in the area of small houses, so enjoy the pictures!

Some houses are decorated with some new materials, new windows are installed, so they look nearly European.

And some are really ancient. The white one is certainly not inhabited, while its neighbour looks as if someone still lives in it. Behind there is a brand new one.

Snow! I liked it a lot! They say this winter was poor in snow, but I don't think so.

Icicles and snow! Perfect winter view!

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