Annual festival of snow figures in Novosibirsk

The festival of snow figures is an annual event, usually starting on January 8 and finishing on January 12. During these four days artists from different cities, towns and even abroad create their works, which then remain standing there until the end of winter (or rather until vandalized or destroyed in some other way). Traditionally this event takes place in Pervomaisky Park, in the very city center, not far from Lenin Square. Despite the cold weather the figures have been finished on time, and today the public can enjoy watching them.

Unfortunately the names of the figures are not given, but you can think of your own name for each of them.


 It was fantastic to see a wedding there! A girl in white was in full harmony with white figures sparkling under the Sun!


5 Responses to Annual festival of snow figures in Novosibirsk

  1. Søren:

    Dear Olga Tkachenko..
    Does the snow festival have an homepage…?
    best wishes
    Søren (Denmark)

  2. Olja:

    This year it will be held 8-12 January. This is the period during which the figures are made, and they are presented to the public about a month afterwards, depending on the weather. As to the arranger, I don’t know right now, but I’ll try to find out.

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