Cafe Cardamom — an exotic place in the downtown of Novosibirsk

Exotic culture, exotic clothes, exotic cuisine are now extremely popular in Russia, including Novosibirsk. Cafe Cardamom was opened several years ago and has been gaining popularity since then. It is not just a cafe, but a combination of a cafe and a shop caled ‘Collection of Trifles’ (Коллекция пустяков).

The shop is a unique place in itself. It offers its customers clothing and decorations from such exotic countries as Nepal, India, Peru, etc. All items are offered in a unique copy, so you can be sure you won’t meet a person in the same dress or skirt unless this person has travelled to the mentioned places himself or herself.

The cafe called Cardamom is a small one. I cannot call it ‘cozy’, but it certainly has its flair. Similar as it can be to Cafe Om from one of my previous posts, the two places are very different. Cafe OM offers its visitors not just exotic atmosphere but the whole idea of vegetarian lifestyle, including the absolute ban for alcohol and smoking.

On the contrary, in Cafe Cardamom visitors are offered various exotic dishes originating from many countries, but there are a number of meat dishes. Besides, visitors are allowed to smoke ordinary cigarettes and shisha and drink alcohol. It is decorated in a somewhat African style, but the music played is more Nepalese or Indian than African. So this place is pure exoticism.

The cafe is located ul. Cgaplygina 39, in the quiet downtown, surrounded by old houses. If you love exotic cuisine and atmosphere and happen to be in Novosibirsk,  be sure to visit the place.

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