Novosibirsk: Novosibirsk for kids

Museum of Fairy Tales and Museum of the USSR

IMG_1425 These two small museums are located in one building, which is worth seeing in itself, as it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, a wooden mansion decorated with carved lining.

Borvikha Hotel and SPA

If you want to relax your body and relieve your soul from worries and stress of the world, Borvikha Hotel and Spa is one of the best opportunities. Only two hours there and you will feel like a new  man!


Novosibirsk Planetarium – not only watching the sky






If you plan a longer stay in Novosibirsk, and if you are a fan of the sky and stars (and I think everyone is), you have to plan a visit to the Novosibirsk planetarium. You can be sure you will enjoy it immensely.

Open-air railway museum in Novosibirsk

Railway is very important for Novosibirsk. In fact, Novosibirsk appeared thanks to the railway.  In 1891 the Tsar Alexander III and his government decided to build the Transsiberian Railway and a group of engineers was sent to Siberia to find the best place for the railway bridge over the river Ob. At that time there was just a huge forest where Novosibirsk is located now, and a couple of small villages on the left side of the river. Besides, 30 km to the north of the current center of Novosibirsk there was a big town Kolyvan, and the initial plan was to build the bridge there, but the engineers found out that it was not a good idea, and another place was chosen, and in 1896 the bridge was put into operation. Since then the development of Novosibirsk has been driven by the railway.

Playground of paradise in the Siberian capital

As the playground is called 'Eden', here's the text from the Bible. 'On the forst day God created Erath and Heavens...'

Novosibirsk is a good place to live with children. Not only because of the huge zoo, about which I’ll surely write later, but because more and more house territories are getting better and better. Many houses are arranging new playgrounds instead of old ones, which were maily made of heavy iron. One of such playgrounds is not far from where I live, and I realy love it, perhaps even more than my children do, and we are not alone, as the playground is always full of visitors.

It is real paradise, and it is not an exaggeration. ‘Paradise’ is its name, mainly because the playground is arranged on the house territory of a luxurious house called ‘Eden’. The territory is taken good care of. There are roads for bicycles, roller skaters, walkers. There are sculptures, beds of flowers, and even dustbins look like works of arts.

Winter entertainment for the little ones in Novosibirsk

Winters are long and cold here. But we don’t mind, there’s a lot to do in Novosibirsk in winter, especially with kids. I’m a mother of two boys, aged 4 and 7, who can never sit still, so I know virtually all  places of entertainment in Novosibirsk.

In winter we love going to so-called ‘towns of ice and snow’. In one of my previous posts I’ve written about the festival of such figures, but much more are built for entertainment, not just for admiring.