Novosibirsk: What to see

Playground of paradise in the Siberian capital

As the playground is called 'Eden', here's the text from the Bible. 'On the forst day God created Erath and Heavens...'

Novosibirsk is a good place to live with children. Not only because of the huge zoo, about which I’ll surely write later, but because more and more house territories are getting better and better. Many houses are arranging new playgrounds instead of old ones, which were maily made of heavy iron. One of such playgrounds is not far from where I live, and I realy love it, perhaps even more than my children do, and we are not alone, as the playground is always full of visitors.

It is real paradise, and it is not an exaggeration. ‘Paradise’ is its name, mainly because the playground is arranged on the house territory of a luxurious house called ‘Eden’. The territory is taken good care of. There are roads for bicycles, roller skaters, walkers. There are sculptures, beds of flowers, and even dustbins look like works of arts.

Rocks on the Berd, Novosibirsk Region, all year round

Rocks on the river Berd, also known as Zveroboy, in Maslyaninsky District, is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole Novosibirsk Region. Tastes differ, of course, but I think there is hardly any person, who would feel indifferent standing on top of a rocky hill looking at the curve of a small river.

Mix of old and new in Novosibirsk

Life is a never-ending process. We are born, we grow up and remain strong and active for some time, we get old and then we die. According to some common beliefs, after that we are born again, but everyone would agree that nothing disappers completely. The same is true for cities and buildings in them as well.  A house is built and looks brand-new, and people are eager to live or work in it. It remains in active use for some time, this period depending on many things. Then the house gets old and battered, and, depending on the people’s interest in it, it is either redecorated or destroyed. In both cases there is some afterlife, either as a historical monument or as wood for fire or stones for further processing.

Museum of Siberian Birch Bark

Of all museums in Novosibirsk the museum of birch bark objects is my favorite and it  is a unique place.

From Wikipedia (Музей_«Сибирская_береста») and from the museum website ( we learn that this museum is the only one of that kind in the world. The museum website is in Russian only, but you can look at the pictures anyway.

Is the center of Russia in Novosibirsk?

Is the center of Russia in Novosibirsk?

‘Yes’ will be the answer of a  tourist who was taken on a standard bus tour of the Siberian capital and was shown all major sights, including a chapel which is often announced to be the ‘geographical center of Russia’.

But is it really true? Is the third biggest city of Russia (which is now also doubtful, according to my fellow tour guides from Ekaterinburg) really its geographical center or is it just a trick to attract the attention of the visitors?

The chapel is located in a somewhat strange place for a church — in the middle of the ever-busy Krasny Prospect, the main city street., which makes it somewhat problematic to access.