Center of healthy recreation MIRA in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk now has more opportunities for healthy recreation. Center MIRA offers a brand new way of spending free time. It opened its doors on September 21, 2013, ul. Dobroluybova 2a, in the building of the River Park Hotel overlooking the river Ob.


The center has fitness and yoga halls, conference halls and knowledge center, center of folk medicine, and a SPA center. It also offers daycare services for little ones. IMG_0843

In its website (currently in Russian only) MIRA presents itself as follows:

‘In the very heart of Russia, in Siberia, we have created new space of healthy lifestyle, environmentally-friendly communication in the atmosphere of love and care. Here you can relax and give comfort to your body and soul. We will take care of your health, help you find yourself in creative activities, create comfortable environment for communication with people of similar spiritual values. MIRA is a space of new opportunities’.

IMG_0842Environmental friendliness is one of the key points of the center. The conference hall is designed in green, white and brown colors and is decorated with timber.

IMG_0839The fitness center offers various yoga classes, dance classes, some other physical activities, as well as spiritual practices.

The center of non-traditional medicine offers massage and consultations of non-traditional healers (Chinese, Indian).

The creative center offers classes, which can help you master a musical instrument, learn to dance, draw or sing. The center regularly offers workshops in many fields led by interesting and well-known masters. The center of knowledge contributes to your intellectual and spiritual development, offering meetings with extraordinary people, workshops or discussions, for example, the so-called ‘English-speaking club’ for those wishing to improve their English skills in very friendly environment.

The center often invites famous people who visit Novosibirsk during their tours.

The center is located on the Ob River embankment; and looking in the windows of the spa center or of the fitness halls you enjoy fantastic view of the great Siberian river. The location is especially favorable for the visitors of Novosibirsk staying in the River Park Hotel (, as it is in the same building. All those staying or living somewhere else are recommended to go there by metro (Rechnoy Vokzal Station) and enjoy an about 10-15 minutes walk along the embankment.

The center has been designed and founded by people loving life in the full meaning of this word.


Though the opening ceremony took place on a cold and windy day, the atmosphere was very warm. The organizers invited famous singers and organized many interesting events, including workshops on Slavic sports and a market of environmentally-friendly food and folk arts.



Little ones were offered to create objects of arts from environmentally friendly used products and package.





















A lot can be said about this wonderful place. If you visit Novosibirsk, be sure to visit this place.




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