Contact Zoo, Rope Park, Dino Park and Other Entertainment for Young and Old

If you are traveling with kids, don’t miss these objects. Such kinds of entertainment are new, but they are so popular now, that you can find them in multiple places in the city.


Contact zoos

The first contact zoo was opened several years ago in a district pretty far from the downtown, but now there are numerous contact zoos located mostly in parks. The concept is specially designed for the little ones to study life of small animals. Children are allowed to touch animals and feed them. Normally the animals are small and herbivorous, and they cannot harm visitors. The contact zoo in the ‘Birch Groove’ park is payment-free, but you have to buy food for the animals.

 Rope parks




Rope parks are popular in the world, and Novosibirsk is no exception. It is great fun for boys, girls and their parents. There are normally at least two routes of various complexity, the one for little ones and those not fit enough, and the one for those in a good physical shape able to perform rather complex exercises. Both routes are pretty safe for passing, and the staff of the place is always ready to help you in case you feel unable to go on. There are several rope parks in the city, the one in the ‘Birch Groove’ park is among them, so that you can combine the two mentioned entertainments.IMG_1872

Dino park in the Zoo








About 30 years ago, when the Novosibirsk zoo was just a project, three giant dino statues were erected on a lawn, which is now a part of the zoo. More statues were built later, and about a year ago a ‘dino park’ was opened, where visitors can see movable dino figures and learn some facts about dinosaurs. Though the park is very small, it can be interesting for kids who know little of the beasts. Note: entrance to the park is paid extra, an ordinary zoo entrance fee is not accepted!

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