Edutainment Opportunities in Novosibirsk


The concept of edutainment is not new in terms of schools and educational institutions, but it is definitely a new way of spending free time with benefits for the mind. As a city of science, Novosibirsk just can’t be behind the rest of the world, so today it has two big edutainment centers visited mostly by families with kids, but visitors of any age feel excited to be there, to see with one’s own eyes what the Pythagoras theorem means or a gyro sensor is. 

  1. Wonder Park GalileoHere you can find numerous interactive exhibits reflecting the ideas of Da Vinci and other prominent scientists. ‘Galileo’ is not just an exhibition for kids, there are no merry-go-rounds, but you are sure to have much more impressions. A big company, a small group, a family with kids of any ages, workmates — everyone finds something exciting here. Dark labyrinths, upside-down and false gravity rooms and plenty of other attractions explaining various natural phenomena… Even if your school time is a matter of the past, you are sure to enjoy it all, moreover, it is a chance to remember it. A very special place is the laboratory where you can participate in different chemical, physical and other experiments. The place is located Dobrolyubova St. 16, opening hours 10-20 every day, admission until 19.00. Anyway it is recommended to get there as early as possible, preferably on a business day, as the place is always crowded at weekends.
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  1. Vot Eto Da Museum (Wow-Museum) 

The idea is the same — science and experiments in a funny way. the implementation is somewhat different, though. Here you can move around only in a group with a guide who explains what the exhibits are meant for and how they work, and the exhibits themselves are different. Here you can find a room with a cabin of a real plane and a real Smart car, participate in experiments with water and other liquids and a lot more. Address; Dusi Kovalchuk St. 1/1, opening hours 10-20 every day.





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