Facing the challenges of the situation…

Dear readers, customers and friends of www.AskNovosibirsk.com!

Like all fellow tour business owners from all around the Globe, we at AskNovosibirsk are affected by the COVID outbreak as well. Though as of today Russia is one of the safest countries with several dozens registered cases and 0 deaths, the situations can and does change every day.

Till May 1 Russia has closed its state border for visitors from lots of affected countries. We are all in hope that the situation settles down by that date but now it is obvious that all tours already booked have to be cancelled.

If you have booked a tour with us, please be informed that we are ready to change your dates for any time, should you decide to arrive later. You are guaranteed the same price, of course, as was coordinated as of the time of your booking.

Also please be informed, that all tours by AskNovosibirsk are PRIVATE! Meaning that all tours, either walking or car/bus-based, are designed and customized only for YOUR group or family, so you don’t have to be afraid of contacting strangers. Please keep in mind that Novosibirsk is basically a NON-TOURISTY destination, meaning that here in the third-largest Russian city there are absolutely NO crowds of travelers anywhere, including museums, churches and gift shops. For lunches, coffee breaks and dinners we select small nice places, which are never crowded.

Should you opt for a day trip of Novosibirsk roundabouts, you are 100% guaranteed the complete absence of crowds, including trips to Tomsk, which, despite it being a ‘hidden gem’, is not touristy as well.

All vehicles we hire for our tours are prepared meticulously. We cooperate with the best transfer companies in the city offering new, sanitized and technically perfect cars and buses.

And! There is something very special Russia has and has always had throughout its whole history, which saved the country form really devastating outbreaks of different contagious diseases. And this is NOT Vodka, this is BANYA — a hothouse with birch twig massage.  This is the best way to fight all possible infections and invigorate your body and soul. At your request, a banya visit can be included into any tour you book with us.

Meanwhile let’s pray for the situation to settle down as soon as possible.


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