The Monument of Glory.

Memorial Ensemble devoted to heroic deeds of Siberians in the Great Patriotic War.


The Monument of Glory is one of the most impressive sights in Novosibirsk, but it is hardly ever included into the standard guided tours. One of the reasons is that it is situated on the left side of the Ob River far from all other attractions, but many guides and locals also suppose that heroic deeds of Russians during the War just can’t be interesting for foreign visitors. However, I try to bring people there every time, and nearly always we spend long minutes walking along the shady alleys speaking about war and peace. In my opinion, this park is one of the most ‘philosophic’ destinations in the city, as it reflects the most dramatic periods in history of our country.



The monument is situated in Leninsky District not far from Karl Marx Square, the ‘center’ of the left-side city part. It was opened on November 6, 1967.  The Memorial includes a spacious square for military ceremonies enclosed by five ten-meter pylons symbolizing the years of the Great Patriotic War.


The pylons are decorated with military scenes from their front sides, while on their reverse sides 30266 names of soldiers from Novosibirsk who died in the Great Patriotic War are engraved. At the foot of the pylons there are urns with soil brought from sites of the fiercest battles. The figure of the Grieving Mother is looking at the eternal flame reminding us living today of those sad days.


On May 9, 1970, the tradition of the honorable watch was introduced. 5 school students guard the Memorial for about 20 minutes, after that they are replaced by the next watch team. The guards are selected according to very strict criteria, and the service is a great honor for the young generation.



Behind the Memorial the big park begins, where 100 fir trees grow honoring the Heroes of the Soviet Union born in Novosibirsk.

In 1985 the Weapon Alley was organized where 6 specimen of the most famous military vehicles are presented including the world-famous Katyusha.



In 2000 the monument of Unity of Battlefront and home Front was erected. It is represented by a 18-meter sword and names of Novosibirsk factories and enterprises contributing to the victory in the War.


In 2002 the St.George Chapel was erected in honor of Siberian soldiers who died in all the wars, which took place during the 20th century.


The park territory is 800 x 200 meters. Though it is a memory place, it is far from being sad. Today it is one of the favorite recreation sites for people of all ages. Small children play at well-organized playgrounds, older kids climb the military machines, couples occupy many cozy banks, and elderly ladies and gentlemen walk slowly along the paths. On May 9 the park gets crowded. The few remaining participants of the War come here to meet each other and younger generations to share their memories.



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