Historical and architectural open-air museum

This museum is an open-air department of the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, located 4 km away from Academgorodok, in a beautiful place surrounded by hills. Its floor area is 46.5 hectares. The museum is accessible by car, bus or bicycle. Normally a visit should be booked and is only possible in a group, but we visited it without a booking, while we were riding bicycles there.

The museum was founded in 1972 by academician A.P.Okladnikov with a goal to protect some unique architectural monuments from destruction. Initially the museum was made up by several objects collected by Okladnikov himself, including samples of arts and crafts of ancient Siberian peoples. Since then the museum has been attracting a lot of interested visitors. Together with that the researchers were collecting exhibits for the museum in different areas of Siberia and of the Far East. It was planned to obtain and present a couple of exhibits from each Siberian region.

Now the core of the museum is a wooden church dating back to the year 1700 found in Yakutia, Indigirka River. Other exhibits include the remains of the stockaded town, a windmill, a wooden house, all found in different Siberian areas, and some stone monuments from Altai and Mongolia.

It was planned to restore all these objects and collect more dating back from the same period and earlier, but all these activities are very expensive, so it is not so easy to accomplish them. Anyway, a visit to the museum is a good idea. You can learn something about the history of Siberia and spend a couple of hours in fresh air. The best idea, in my view, is to rent a bicycle in Academgorodok and have a nice ride.