Horse-Riding Club ‘Kudryashovskaya Zaimka’


Do you like horses? Don’t miss a chance to go for a ride in the pine forest, even in winter.

The horse-riding club ‘Kudryashovskaya Zaimka’ (Kudryashi Lodge) is situated appr.10 km to the north of the center of Novosibirsk on the left side of the Ob River. If you take a tour to Kolyvan, spare some time and drop by, the horse riding club is right along the way.  Just take a turn to the left, if you drive to Kolyvan, or to the right when driving back, at the bus stop Zaimka (Заимка), and you are there in just a couple of meters.



Small kids are assisted by a trained groom, grown-ups can ride a horse on their own.



Even if you don’t like riding or cannot ride, it is so much fun just to look at horses and a donkey.

IMG_2623It is allowed to feed the animals, so don’t forget some carrots, apples or cabbage. In winter you can have a ride in the sledge with three harnessed horses (Russian Troyka).


The place is not just a horse riding club, it is a kind of camping with grilling facilities. In winter you can experience the fun of tobogganing or skiing.



There is a small lake not far from the place, ice-covered in winter, just the right place for skiing.


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