Mix of old and new in Novosibirsk


Life is a never-ending process. We are born, we grow up and remain strong and active for some time, we get old and then we die. According to some common beliefs, after that we are born again, but everyone would agree that nothing disappers completely. The same is true for cities and buildings in them as well.  A house is built and looks brand-new, and people are eager to live or work in it. It remains in active use for some time, this period depending on many things. Then the house gets old and battered, and, depending on the people’s interest in it, it is either redecorated or destroyed. In both cases there is some afterlife, either as a historical monument or as wood for fire or stones for further processing.

I wanted to write this post after I had seen pictures in some other blog, where an old house and a modern one located close to each other are shown.  The goal is to demonstrate the contrasts and to show you some historical buildings in my city, which I like very much, though many of them are in pitiful condition. Two days ago there was a heavy snowfall in the city, and as I like snow very much, I went to a photo-walk and did what I wanted to do for a long time. I managed to visit such corners of the city, which I’d never visited before, and which may disapper for good any day now, as they are no longer lived in and cared for. Personally I feel very sorry about that, because it’s our heritage, but at least the photos will stay with us if not forever, but for the time long enough for us to remember it. All photos are made in the city center, and if you happen to come here, I will be glad to show them to you. I think that these small houses, though half-destroyed, have much more personality than modern blocks, all similar in all corners of the world.

Enjoy watching!

  A street in the city center. The two-storeyed wooden house is about to be destroyed, its windows empty, its walls battered. Nothing special about its style, but a little more care could allow it to last a little longer anyway.

The same, but from a closer perspective.

The old house is almost dead. The residents of the new one may be dreaming about it being destroyed soon, but I felt strangely nostalgic looking at it.



These are certainly not inhabited, and I felt very strange when taking this pic, with a big hghway in a close distance. These must have been built more than a century ago, as it is the area where the first citizens of Novosibirsk settled. I’ll write more about the history of Novosibirsk soon.


A bizarre marriage of a century-old half-destroyed house and a brand-new block of flats. I wouldn’t feel too comfortable in such a neighbourhood.

One of these old houses is definitely luckier than its pall.

Amazing icicles! Take care not to come too close!

I was somewhat shocked to see the view, because last summer only, when I guided a tour here, one more old house stood where there's a construction site now. It was very much like the existing one, and there was a fence around it. I truly hoped they were going to restore it, but I was wrong...

Two oldtimers squeezed between two very recent houses. It's a little ironical, but hopeful at the same time to read the two posters on the old house.

Because the poster says 'Thanks for the son!' There's a birth house opposite this one, which is of the same age, but in much better condition.

The birth house. Initially built in the beginning of the former century, it was a house of a rich merchant. It looked completely different at that time. During the Soviet period it was a state-financed birth house, and now it's the most expensive private hospital and birth house in the city. It costs about 2500 Euros to have a baby here, but thanks to that the house now has the second life.

I was amazed by the icicles, but also by the fact that the house is for sale! Perhaps the person who buys it will redecorate it and this house will have the second chance, too.

Houses along Kommunisticheskaya Street. To my mind, it's the most beautiful and the most historical street in the city. Don't forget to walk along it if and when you come to Novosibirsk!


This one was made on another day, but it's a nice example of an old house having received the second life. The contrast is astonishing, too, in my view.

I always say to my tourists that Novosibirsk is a mix of different styles. One tourist told me he did not see an ensemble in Novosibirsk, that the city is too hectical. I think it’s true to some extent. I invite each of you to Novosibirsk to make your own impression. 

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  1. ‘The locals complain about the city centre changing image because of the new buildings, like in Kuala Lumpur, but I like the weird mix of old and new

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