Museum of Fairy Tales and Museum of the USSR

IMG_1425 These two small museums are located in one building, which is worth seeing in itself, as it is one of the oldest buildings in the city, a wooden mansion decorated with carved lining.

Both museums are private; they were founded and are now sponsored by a group of enthusiasts, who work there ‘for the big idea’, as they formulate it. IMG_1430IMG_1426

The Museum of Fairy Tales is a subsidiary of the Birch Bark Museum, devoted to diffrent fairy tales, mostly traditional Russian folk tales, but also some written by famous authors, both Russian and foreign.IMG_1428IMG_1429IMG_1432

On the ground floor you can see objects from birth bark, while on the first floor you can see examples of traditional Russian lifestyle about a century ago. IMG_1431

There is a special room of horror there, where kids of all ages can have a lot of fun.

The Museum of the USSR is more interesting for Russian visitors who are over 35, those who still remember life during that long period, when everything in the country was considered to be common, everyone was considered to be equal and happy. IMG_1433IMG_1434IMG_1435

All exhibits were brought to the museum by ordinary people living in the city, and many of us, who experienced that great time, still have some of them at home. IMG_1436

At this museum visitors can get convinced that life was not that bad during the Soviet era, and many things were of the best possible quality. For instance, there are chocolate bars there, produced many decades ago, but they still smell like chocolate, as well as bottles of perfume, which our mothers and grandmothers still find to be better than their French counterparts.

The museum is located Gorkogo St. 16



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