Museum of Siberian Birch Bark

The Siberian Birch Bark Museum is one of the TOP places and a must for everyone who wants to see and experience the real crafts. Lots of souvenir shops all over Russia offer nice birch bark objects, but in this unique museum you are offered a huge collection and variety of birch bark objects, from icons to dolls.

This privately owned museum is small and cozy, but you can spend hours looking and exploring. The majority of the exhibits are hand-made in Novosibirsk.

The museum is interesting for all ages. Kids will love characters from famous Russian fairy tales, such as wooden goblins (called Leshiy in Russian), Baba Yagas, wood masters (lesovichoks), sauna masters (banniks) and so on.

Some figures are so complex that one just cannot imagine how artists create them. It is not an exaggeration to say that all objects are masterpieces.


You can also see objects of worship, some kind of amulets kept in the house or worn as decorations, and even icons, which, according to the keeper of the museum, are blessed by the Russian orthodox church.

There are many objects reflecting lifestyle in a typical Russian village, and there is even a hall with objects for people aged 18+!!

Some simple things can be bought in the museum shop, and larger objects can be manufactured for you, which, of course, takes some time.

I include a visit to this museum into each tour.

The museum is located in the downtown, Sverdlova Street 21.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00 — 18.30


3 Responses to Museum of Siberian Birch Bark

  1. Richard Lowery:

    Marvelous —I was the receipent of some beresta work some years ago. It was from a lady in Novosibirksk (a pen pal) I sold them for her here in the USA. Bracelets, photo frames, boxes, etc. The museum pieces are fantastic.

  2. Richard Lowery:

    Marvelous —years ago ,from a pen pal in Novosibirsk, I received some beresta work. Bracelets,photo frames, boxes, etc which I sold for her here in USA. Ironically, her name was Olga. Amazed at the museum pieces.

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