New Opportunities in the Novosibirsk Zoo!


The Zoo in Novosibirsk is one of the main attractions  and a big part of the social and cultural life of all citizens. During the summer 2016 the zoo faced several important changes. It now bears the name of Rostislav Shilo, its deceased director, who was holding this position for 50 years until his death in spring this year after a long disease. Mr.Shilo initiated and fulfilled the relocation of the zoo to a new territory in the forest, which is the outskirts but very close to the downtown at the same time. He cared a lot about the animals, so many of them live in conditions very similar to their natural habitat. He turned the zoo into a site where the whole family can spend the whole day without feeling bored. He turned the zoo to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. One can see big travel buses from the neighbouring cities and towns at the zoo gates nearly every day. Mr.Shilo was a deputy at the regional administration caring a lot about people as well.

It was he who started the construction of the dolphinarium at the zoo, which was open only two months after Shilo’s death. Next to the dolphinarium there is a penguinarium as well. The territory of the zoo has got bigger, too, and one can see more animals now and a lot of new stone and bronze sculptures and high-rank cafes making the zoo even more attractive for any visitor.






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