Novosibirsk Metro/Underground/Subway

It doesn’t really matter how you call it. The matter is — we do have it in Novosibirsk, and it’s one of the easiest and most comfortable and cheapest ways of getting around. As of February 2019, it costs 22 roubles to use the metro regardless of the distance traveled.  To pay for the ride you buy a special coin (token) either from the cashier or from a machine. A new alternative — you can pay by your credit card, but only if the card employs PayWave technology.

Unfortunately, Novosibirsk metro is very short, only 13 stations arranged in two lines. Both lines basically copy the major streets, but the metro is a much faster variant.

The first stations were put into operation back in 1986. Currently the issue of expanding the metro is the one of the most pressing, as the city is growing and traffic jams are annoying.

Unlike the one in Moscow, Novosibirsk metro cannot be called a masterpiece, but every single station still has its own concept and design. Most of the stations are clad in marble and granite, with an overall design reflecting the station’s name. Lenin Square Station has a large Lenin portrait, Oktyabrskaya Station is decorated with symbols of the October Revolution 1917, while the station named after Aviation Marshall A.Pokryshkin is decorated with symbolic medals and orders.

One of the most beautiful stations is Gagarinskaya named after Yury Gagarin, the first man in the outer space. Its futuristic design is worth taking a couple of pictures.

And Sibirskaya Station has several panel pictures made of marble and precious stones including very rare charoits.

One of the very special elements of the metro is the metro bridge over the Ob River. It is mentioned in the Guinness Book of records and the longest metro bridge in the world. Its total length exceeds 2 km.

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