Novosibirsk Museum of Fine Arts

As a young city born only in 1893, Novosibirsk has just a few museums. However, some of them are worth a visitю Important: in NO museum in Novosibirsk you will be surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of other visitors, however, you can see some exclusive exhibits and enjoy them as long as you wish nearly all by yourself!

The collection of the Novosibirsk Museum of Fine Arts includes over 11 000 exhibits, the majority of which are displayed in its comfortable and spacious halls. The building was erected in 1926 for the that-time Siberian Revolution Committee. It was turned to the Museum in 1982. Since then its collection has been growing, now displaying works of Russian and Western European artists, graphics, sculptures, folk arts and crafts, and lots more.

The pearl of the Museum is the collection of 60 paintings by Nikolas Roerich, a prominent painter, writer, thinker, fighter for peace, and creator of a new philosophical trend known as New Age, sometimes referred to as a new religion. Roerich’s painting are bright and clearly shaped, representing the artist’s unique philosophy. Nature is predominant in all his works, however, their ideas are highly spiritual. All 60 panting are originals. And if you want to know more about the artist’s life and philosophy, you can visit the Roerich Museum nearby.

Temporary exhibitions can be captivating as well. They include private collections, traveling exhibitions of some prominent artists, items of clothing, jewelry or interior.

Tip! A visit to the Museum can be a good idea in case of cold, rainy, snowy or just gloomy weather.


Location: Krasny Prospect 5

Opening hours: Tue — Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat — Sun 12.00-20.00

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