Novosibirsk Planetarium – not only watching the sky






If you plan a longer stay in Novosibirsk, and if you are a fan of the sky and stars (and I think everyone is), you have to plan a visit to the Novosibirsk planetarium. You can be sure you will enjoy it immensely.

Officially it opened its doors on February 8, 2012. It was a big event with participation of the City Administration, those taking part in designing and construction and a lot of children, who are the principal clients of the place.


The planetarium is situated in a wonderful place. It lies on the southern slope of Klyuch-Kamyshenskoye Plateau overlooking the southern part of the city reaching the Ob Reservoir and the town of Berdsk. What is more important, the horizon in the southern direction is fully open and the main illumination, located further to the north, does not disturb the observance. The territory around the building is designed as a landscape park with astronomic elements. The zones of the Sun, the planets and the comets are joined by paths. Here little ones can have fun on a well-designed playground.


It is very easy to reach the place by car and somewhat more difficult to get there by public transportation, but the administration of the place is working on it planning to organize a special bus for visitors.

In the main building there is a hall with 120 seats where learning and entertainment programs and shows are demonstrated. Here there are also observatories, a big hall and a cafeteria.


Next to the building there is a Foucault tower with a Foucault pendulum demonstrating the Earth rotation. On top of the tower there is a view point for visitors.





















The main goal of the planetarium is to be an education center for children and youth in the field of natural sciences.


On its website and in its groups of social networks the planetarium regularly informs people about different events happening in the sky.


This planetarium is not the only one in the city. There is one more, belonging to the Academy of Geodesy and located there, which is 60 years old already. But it is meant for research only, unlike the new one, which also offers different events with participation of musicians, artists and prominent figures.


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