Open-air railway museum in Novosibirsk

Railway is very important for Novosibirsk. In fact, Novosibirsk appeared thanks to the railway.  In 1891 the Tsar Alexander III and his government decided to build the Transsiberian Railway and a group of engineers was sent to Siberia to find the best place for the railway bridge over the river Ob. At that time there was just a huge forest where Novosibirsk is located now, and a couple of small villages on the left side of the river. Besides, 30 km to the north of the current center of Novosibirsk there was a big town Kolyvan, and the initial plan was to build the bridge there, but the engineers found out that it was not a good idea, and another place was chosen, and in 1896 the bridge was put into operation. Since then the development of Novosibirsk has been driven by the railway.

So it was only logical to open a railway museum in our city. In fact the museum consists of two parts. One is situated in one of the administrative buildings of the railway and tells its visitors about the history by means of documents, pictures, clothes, other objects.

Another is an open-air museum, where a great number of locomotives, passenger and cargo trains are presented to the public. Besides, there is a section where old Russian cars, like Volgas, Moskvichs and Saporozhets are demonstrated.


The museum is open from spring to autumn each day except for Monday. Guided tours are possible for groups of 10 and more, and for these groups many trains get opened and visitors can see the inside.

Individual visitors can get inside of a couple of trains , but they can walk in the museum as long as they want and study some technical information about the trains. Some trains are unique and extremely technical, such as the machines for snow cleaning and carriages for concrete mixing.

The entrance ticket for a foreig visitor costs 250 roubles, and 50 roubles more for taking photoes. I strongly recommend you to take some water with you, expecially on a hot day, because there is no cafe and kiosk in the museum, and on a sunny day take a cap, a hat or an umrbella, because there is nearly no shade there.

The museum is situated on the edge of Academgorodok, so you can combine the visit with other museums and sights of Academgorodok. The museum is an absolute must, if you are with a child. My kids love the museum, and we visit it every summer.

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