Pervomaisky Park – a green oasis in the city center




Pervomaisky Park is located in the downtown, next to the Nature and History Museum occupying one of the oldest and the most beautiful buildings in the city, opposite the city hall and the so-called Lenin’s House, where a small concert hall is situated today. It is one of the most popular recreation spots in the city mainly because it is easily accessible by metro, good for office workers to have a walk during the lunch break, nice to have some fresh air before going to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is one of the oldest parks, too.



Before 1917 there was a market place here, but after Novosibirsk became the administrative center of the Siberian Kray, the place was altered greatly. The market place was moved more to the outskirts, and the city administration started to turn the place into a recreation area. The park was officially opened in 1932. In 1935 the first fountain in the city was put into operation, and it has been in use ever since.


During the whole history the park has been subject to changes and improvement.




Currently there are two fountains in the park, the second is pretty small, made in the form of a small bear. Today it is a popular place among the newlyweds, who hang padlocks on the fence.


There are other sculptures in the park, too. Some of them are made of stone during the festival of stone sculpture. IMG_1953


All the year round the park hosts numerous and very different events, including musical, sports, artistic and sometimes even political. From time to time you can see participants of so-called solo-pickets with posters. On other days you can hear music of all genres performed by lonely musicians or band. Then you can see open-air picture exhibitions. Sometimes you can see groups of people doing all sorts of exercises, like yoga, stretching, Slavic gymnastics, etc. IMG_1479



And in winter, in January, the park is traditionally a place where the festival of snow sculptures takes place. IMG_1481


It is not a problem to find a place to have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer. The park is surrounded by all kinds of cafes, pubs and restaurants.




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