Puppenhaus. More than just a restaurant!

Puppenhaus restaurant is mentioned in lots of guide books, travel forums, blogs and websites.


The place calls itself ‘a gastronomic theatre’, and this is really more than just a place to eat. You must ring the doorbell to enter; this little gesture demonstrating — this place is not for everyone. Which is true, the prices here are quite high for Novosibirsk standards, but it’s not the price alone that makes Puppenhaus special. A visit to this restaurant is like opening an old chest with treasures. Besides, this was the first Russian restaurant to get the International Leadersclub Award 2011 in Switzerland.

The feeling of a theatre comes right after you enter. Shadowy light, small sofas and an elaborate mirror create the impression of a very special private theatre. You feel the performance is about to start.

You see dolls, all kinds of them, everywhere. The corridors, the staircase, the dining rooms are small, even cramped, but the place is ideal if you are looking for intimate atmosphere. Some rooms are detached or even isolated from the rest of the place, so every guest feels as if he or she is alone in the whole place.

Every single table or room is decorated in its own, very special, style, however, everything is in utter harmony.

Here you enjoy Siberian Russian and European cuisine. No matter what you order, your dish tastes just heavenly!

Note for vegetarians and vegans: the place is not really vegetarian-friendly,  as the restaurant is focused on meat and fish, but still you can find a couple of soups, salads and, of course, great desserts!




Opening hours: 12.00-24.00

Location: Novosibirsk, Chaplygina St.65/1


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