Rocks on the Berd, Novosibirsk Region, all year round

Rocks on the river Berd, also known as Zveroboy, in Maslyaninsky District, is one of the most beautiful areas in the whole Novosibirsk Region. Tastes differ, of course, but I think there is hardly any person, who would feel indifferent standing on top of a rocky hill looking at the curve of a small river.

In this area the Salair Range is situated, which is not high (the highest peak is about 450 m only), but its beauty is no less than that of Altai, and which is sometimes called the Siberian Switzerland. In this place several ski resorts were built, making it extremely popular among the local people and many come even from other regions.
In summer and autumn the place looks fantastic, in winter it fascinates with loads of snow.


The first time I was there was in July, when everything around was green and looked like an ocean of all shades of green. It was strikingly beautiful when I first saw it.

That time we didn’t manage to go down to the river, though I found a path leading there. But I firmly decided to come here again, and preferably in the autumn when everything would be red and yellow.

Unlike our first visit there, when we left our car in the village Novososedovo and did a 2 km hike to the rocks, the second time we went there in the middle of September, we drove directly to the edge. However, we managed to walk down to the river and then climb back, thus satisfying our desire to have some physical activity.
















The scenery looked even more striking than in summer with all this gold, crimson, orange, yellow and green colors around. No wonder there were much more people there yesterday than in July.

No camera can ever catch all the shades of nature, and we all know it. My impression was that of looking at a patchwork carpet.

The river Berd is a quiet and slow one, but when I was looking from different places on top, I saw something like rifts in both directions. They are very small, of course, but I suppose there can be bigger rifts upstream. Both in July and in September we saw several groups of rafters, so I suppose it can be interesting. And it is definitely suitable for children, which is very good for me. In Altai we are unable to take kids with us on a rafting tour, which is something I like, as the rivers there are strong and children until about 12 or 14 are not allowed.

Our third visit there was yesterday. We accompanied my parentw who wanted to go skiing, maybe for the last time this winter, as the snow is melting away very fast now. Wу do not do downhill skiing, and and it’s already late for cross-coutry skiing, so we again made a short trekking to the rocks. It was more difficult in winter, especially after the snowfall a week ago. But the weather was beautiful, though not sunny, and we enjoyed it immensely.

It’s only a pity that we can’t visit this place more often. Though it is in Novosibirsk Region, it is 160 km away from the city, and the last 60-70 km one has to drive along earth road, so one should be prepared to get covered in road dust in summer and in road mud in spring. There are two ways to get there from Novosibirsk.
The first is to drive through Academgorodok, then reach Berdsk, then Iskitim and turn in the direction of the settlement Legostayevo, and then the direction of the village Novososedovo.
The second is to drive out of Novosibirsk along Gusinobrodskoye Highway and drive through the village Plotnikovo until the turn to the village Vladimirovka, then drive straight ahead until Legostayevo and then the same as above. In both cases one needs about 2 hours to get there from Novosibirsk, but you can need nearly 3 hours in bad weather, like yesterday, when it started to rain heavily on our way back home.

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    Sorry I don’t speak any Russian. I’m interested in any tours you may have from Novosibirsk. I will be here for one month for work and i’m looking for something interesting to see or do in my free time.

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