SPA and wellness center MIRA

The center of healthy recreation MIRA opened in Novosibirsk in the fall 2013 and since then it has been the best place to relax in the city.


Here you can take part in yoga classes, workshops on various topics, listen to lectures of famous musicians, poets, spiritual leaders and many other exciting people. The soul of it is the thermal center with various hot houses.

There is a great choice of saunas of all kinds in Novosibirsk, but MIRA offers its visitors something really unique and very special. This place is pure relax, and nothing can disturb you here. You are offered a great choice of saunas and banyas like the typical Russian banya after which you can dive into ice-cold water in the font, the Turkish hammam filled with nice fragrances, Morocco-style sauna at the entrance of which you can apply several kinds of scrubs onto your body, the flower sauna with flower fragrances and the hay sauna decorated with real hay. After each sauna you can relax in cool water of the swimming pool of Jacuzzi or visit the ‘shower of impressions’. Visitors are offered free tea, and it is always possible to order some refreshment from the vegetarian restaurant I wrote about earlier.252418_800x449_4

The price depends on the day of the week and time of the day. Wednesday is for ladies only, and Tuesday and Thursday 9.00-12.00 are for moms with children. On Friday only adults 14+ are admitted. General admission hours are 9.00-23.00 on business days and 8.00-23.00 on weekends.

You are recommended to take rubber slippers, a towel and a bath gown with you, but if you’ve forgotten them you can rent them at the center.  The place is completely alcohol-free and the restaurant doesn’t serve any, too, so you won’t be disturbed by too ‘merry’ visitors.

Recently the center has opened a new Relax Lounge, for people 14+ only. It offers a Russian banya, a snow room, a Turkish hammam, a salty room, a jacuzzi, which you can adjust on your own, and two feet bathtubs. Besides, there is a chillout room and many loungers where you can lie down and relax. Quiet meditative music makes you forget all your worries.





Welcome to MIRA and enjoy yourself!IMG_0990 IMG_0991

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