Suzun. Old Copper Factory and Mint.

I invite you for a day trip to Suzun, a settlement located approximately 150 km to the south of Novosibirsk.

Surrounded by everlasting pine woods, this settlement was officially founded by the order of Catherine II in 1763 for construction of a copper factory and a mint. Copper was excavated in Altai, but it was very expensive to transport it to the European Russia for making coins, so a mint in close proximity to the mines was necessary. 

The construction of the factory and the mint started in 1765, and it was launched in 1768. A dam was erected on the river Suzun. The mint was very efficient. In the beginning it produced the coins only for use in Siberia, however, starting from 1781 and till 1847 it produced coins for the All-Russian use.

In 1847 the fire destroyed the mint, but the copper factory remained till 19914. It was closed due to the exhaustion of the mines in Altai and the overall change of the political and economic system in the Russian Empire.

Apart from the factory and the mint, Suzun was an important market place, an agricultural and a manufacturing area selling its produce all over the region. In the Soviet time the settlement was predominantly agricultural. the premises of the former mint and the copper factory were devastated, but in the late 20th century restoration started. The local government decided to turn the place into a tourist attraction.

The idea was successful, and now a day trip to Suzun is a very popular activity. It is visited by school kids from Novosibirsk and nearby places, but history lovers and, of course, by foreign guests who want to see off-the-beaten-track Russia and Siberia.

All expositions of the museum are interactive, where every visitor can get in touch with History and feel like a worker or an office employee of the XVIII — XIX cc.

The Mint has full-scale operating coinage machinery and mechanisms assembled on the basis of the drawings of the XVIII c. The exposition shows a coinage process from blank cutting to putting an embossed image on the coin.

If you want to see something visited by very few travelers, Suzun is the right place for you. If you travel during the period July to early September, we can stop for a short mushroom-picking or berry-picking try. I can’t promise we find something, but having some pinewood air will definitely do you lots of good.

On the way to or back from Suzun we can a have stop at the Holy Spring in Lozhok village, one of the former GULAG camps. the water in the springs tastes heavenly, while the most courageous visitors can take a dive in the pool. the water is terribly cold all year round, but Believers, both Orthodox and others, say it’s magical and cures all sorts of diseases and troubles.

If you are interested, contact me for details and the quote. This day trip might take up to 8 hours. A meal or coffee can be arranged in Suzun or along the highway.


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