Top 5 Must-See Places in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk is a young and vibrant city. Every guest has loads of opportunities and choices as to what to see or do.But what if you have just a few hours and want to get the most of Novosibirsk?

Here are 5 must-see places in Novosibirsk you should not miss.  They are the highlights reflecting the character and soul of the Siberian capital.

  1. NOVAT, Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is the largest theatre building in the country, the great hall of which is larger than the famous Bolshoy in Moscow. The huge stage of 1000 m2 is ideal for spectacular performances. Its dome is a unique engineering work with the diameter of 55 m and thickness of only 8 cm in its upper part. 
  2. Lenin Square. The heart of the city, this huge square in front of the NOVAT impresses with its broadness. It is the crossing point of several important traffic arteries, a famous meeting point and the most popular site for open airs of all kinds.  The colossal Lenin Monument, though grey and military-like, does not feel gloomy and depressing, as it matches perfectly with the surrounding architecture. The prevailing architecture belongs to the famous ‘constructivism’ style, popular in the 20-ies, and it gives the general idea of the city image and character.

3. Traditional wooden houses in the ‘quiet downtown’.  After the ‘great fire of Novosibirsk’ of 1909 not many wooden houses survived, and it was no longer allowed to build wooden public buildings. However, some nice wooden houses are still there, and you can find them in the downtown (Gorkogo, Oktyabrskaya, Uritskogo streets). It gives an impression and idea of traditional Siberian architecture prior to the Great October Revolution of 1917.

4. Bridge Monument and the Ob Promenade. Located a bit away from the downtown, it is still easily accessible on foot. On a nice day it offers a gulp of fresh air, and every day, summer or winter, a visitor can enjoy a nice perspective of a large part of the city. The Bridge Monument is a reminder of how it all started. It was due and thanks to the construction of the railway bridge within the scope of the Trans-Siberian Project, and very quickly a small workers’ settlement grew to a town and then to a city. The long and recently renovated promenade makes you feel relaxed and fresh in the center of the huge metropolis.

5. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This elegant church built in 1899 was really lucky. Designed and built by Nikolay Tikhomirov, a railway engineer, it has such a solid construction, that during the dramatic period of the 20-30ies, when the Soviet government destroyed thousands of churches all over the country, it survived just because it was impossible to destroy the building without demolishing everything around. It was returned to the Orthodox Church in the early 1990-ies, fully renovated, inviting worshipers to its sermons with soul-touching music.

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