Traditional Russian Festivals in Novosibirsk


Russia values its tradition, and in summer Novosibirsk attracts lots of visitors to different events related to folk arts, crafts, music and traditions. The previous week offered two events of the kind, both demonstrating how important and valued Russian and Slavic traditions are and how many people are into them.


Festival of Slavic Culture Rodniki has taken place for the 4th time. The festival lasts 3 days, filled with workshops on folk crafts, Slavic gymnastics, art of being a husband/wife, art of midwifery, fashion show of traditional clothes, banya and a lot more. The festival is held somewhere close to Novosibirsk, in a different place each year.




Zavolokin Festival is another event all around Russian folk music, mostly accordion. The festival is devoted to the memory of the famous Russian  accordion player Gennady Zavolokin, who died in a car crash 95 km to the south of Novosibirsk in 2001. The festival is held with the support of Zavolokin’s children who are accordion players as well. Gennady Zavolokin was so famous that he even had his own TV program making people acquainted with accordion music. Everyone who can play accordion can perform at the festival at one of several stages. Here you can also see people in traditional Russian clothes and visit a fair of traditional folk art objects. The festival is held at the place of Zavolokin’s death, where you can see his stone figure sitting in a nice church yard. maxresdefault IMG_2909 IMG_2903 IMG_2902 IMG_2900 IMG_2899 IMG_2898 IMG_2895    602edd36c8cd843d69a57440ee5f4c29_i-2048 48a7da50c88ca4506a0873c56480f733

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    I would like to know more about N
    must see places in Novosibirsk. I am an India & planning to visit there on either in May or June.

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