Vegetarian Cafe OM — the first and the only of this kind in Novosibirsk

I am nearly a vegetarian. ‘Nearly’ means that I sometimes eat fish and seafood, which true vegetarians never do. I never liked meat, and I stopped eating it completely after I took interest in culture and way of life in India and other Eastern countries and especially after I bought a book on the Indian cuisine and learned to cook some traditional Indian dishes. But from time to time I have to eat out or want to meet with friends or colleagues somewhere in a nice place, and I lacked a cafe or a reatsurant where smoking is not allowed and where there is a good choice of vegetarian dishes. Until the last spring there was no such place in our city, and like all vegetarians in Novosibirsk I was very happy when cafe OM was opened.

The place is unique, and not only because it is really vegetarian, without any traces of meat, chicken, fish or seafood. Besides, it is based on traditional principles of Vedaic philosophy,  including the idea of prasada. Names of certain dishes are difficult to pronounce, but the explanation of all ingredients is always present, so you can be sure of what you are eating.

Like in all cafes, here you can also hear music, mostly traditional oriental or some other folk music, but sometimes well-known romantic love songs. The music is never too loud, so you can easily talk to your friends during meals. It is clear that this cafe offers no alcohol and smoking is not allowed. Instead, you can find shelves full of interesting books, including the Bible, Bhagavata or other spiritual texts,  so that you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea and a good book, and feel elevated.

Besides, on some evenings the Cafe invites musicians, poets or some famous spiritual leaders or yogis, and sometimes it offers lessons of Vedaic or simply vegetarian cooking.

The choice of dishes in the cafe is suitable for vegetarians who eat milk and eggs and for vegans as well. The choice of dishes for the latter is rather limited, and even more modest is the choice of dishes for so-called raw food eaters. Anyway, it is the only place in the city, where vegetarians and vegans can feel absolutely free and relaxed, because many of them often find it upsetting to visit a cafe where meat is cooked and offered.

The cafe is located ul. Cheluskintsev 30/2, not exactly in the city center, but not far from it.

If you happen to come to novosibirsk and are interested in a visit to this cafe, contact me. I’ll be happy to accompany you!


2 Responses to Vegetarian Cafe OM — the first and the only of this kind in Novosibirsk

  1. Christine:

    This is so great to hear! I visited Novosibirsk in 2007 and had no idea where to find a place suitable for vegans. I would very much like to visit again and try out this restaurant!

    • Olja:

      Christine, thank you so much for your comment! In 2007 there was no vegetarian cafe in the city. This one struggles through very strong competition, too. I didn’t write about that, but this cafe had to close, because it had enormous debts, but soon after it opened again thanks to an Indian restaurant owner, who manages one more cafe in Novosibirsk. The choice of dishes has changed, but the cafe is still vegetarian.

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