Welcome to Novosibirsk!

Dear visitor from whatever corner of the world!

I am happy to welcome you in this blog and I hope you find it useful! This blog is for you, if you are planning a travel or stay in Novosibirsk and other places in Siberia or you are only considering it.

My name is Olga Tkachenko, I work and live in Novosibirsk, Western Siberia, Russia, together with my  husband and our three sons. I am a freelance English-Russian and German-Russian tour guide, interpreter, and translator. Me and my team of experienced and dedicated tour guides and interpreters, all of whom are experts in everything in and around Siberia, offer tailor-made tours of Novosibirsk, its surroundings and the nearby cities and towns like Tomsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Omsk and Biysk, in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. At your request tours to Altai Mountains are also possible.

The idea of blogging came to me in 2010 when I realized that people from the other countries know practically nothing about Novosibirsk and Siberia, that the information about my region in English is scarce, and that planning travels around Siberia was close to impossible. At the same time I started my tourguiding career, first working for travel agencies only. However, lots of travelers were not really happy traveling in big groups. According to them, organized travels in big groups only allowed them to see basics but not grasp the idea of the place, but they would rather experience something more customized to their unique needs to be able to understand the place, the country, the people and the whole spirit of it. Many travelers initially want to travel alone or with their partner, but they have to join a group just because of the lack of helpful information about my region. I felt a push to help people discover Siberia, Novosibirsk and other destinations in my region. This is how it all started.

Now my and my team’s mission is to help you plan and arrange your travel to Siberia, to provide necessary information, to make your stay in Novosibirsk and everywhere in Siberia comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Together with my team I offer you hand-picked tours designed according to your wishes and preferences.

In the «About Me» page you can learn more about me and my professional career.

And contact me to ask your questions about Novosibirsk or book a tour with me.

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All funds received will be invested into the development of more exciting tours and itineraries, taking photos, finding guides speaking languages other than English, German, French and Spanish, and promoting Siberia and Novosibirsk among travelers from all over the Globe.

Email: novosibirskperevod@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +79138916081

11 Responses to Welcome to Novosibirsk!

  1. Olja:

    Olle, thanks and welcome to the blog!

  2. Frans Woons:

    Hello Olga! Do you have for me a photo of the windmill (for example as a jpg file) of the windmill in the ‘Historical and architectural open-air museum’ near Academgorodok? I am a former Dutchman and live now in Canada and I am very interested in windmills! Thanks, Frans Woons, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

    • Olja:

      Hello, Frans, Sorry for the late reply. I was unable to work with the blog for some time. At the moment I have no photo of the mill and I am not even sure there is a mill there. Anyway, the museum is closed now, because it is winter, but I promise to do what I can as soon as it gets warmer.
      Olga Tkachenko

      • Frans Woons:

        Hello Olga! Thanks for your reply! I’ve seen pictures of the open-air museum. I saw wooden buildings (including two churches, it seems) and rocks. But no windmill… At the moment my son Marc and his wife Anastasia are in Akademgorodok (near Novosibirsk). She is from there. I’ve asked them to visit the museum and they also told me that it is closed for the winter. Maybe they (or relatives) will visit it in the summer to photograph the windmill for me IF it is there… Greetings, Frans Woons, Williams Lake, BC, Canada.

  3. A great idea, and a great site. It’s well-written, the information is up-to-date and relevant and the pictures are great. I will definitely recommend it to my foreign relatives, friends and clients. Thanks!

  4. Hello, I’m thinking of travelling to Novosibirsk during the end of September 2015. Do you think a week is enough? Where is the best area to stay?


  5. GIRAL:

    Hello Olga, we will be in Novosibirsk next Sunday and I will also have Monday until 3.30 pm. Can you organise some visiting for us?
    Many thanks!
    Marie (from France, living in Moscow)

  6. Hello Olga,

    I’m from Malaysia and planning on our trip to Russia in March this year. Depending on our flight schedule, there’s a 12 hour stop in Novosibirsk on our way to St. Pete from Irkutsk on Saturday 1/4/2017. Would appreciate if you could suggest places to visit during that time. We would like to taste the Siberian experience, if possible.

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