Winter entertainment for the little ones in Novosibirsk


Winters are long and cold here. But we don’t mind, there’s a lot to do in Novosibirsk in winter, especially with kids. I’m a mother of two boys, aged 4 and 7, who can never sit still, so I know virtually all  places of entertainment in Novosibirsk.

In winter we love going to so-called ‘towns of ice and snow’. In one of my previous posts I’ve written about the festival of such figures, but much more are built for entertainment, not just for admiring.

The biggest one is on the Embankment of the Ob river. This beautiful tradition has existed for I don’t know how many years already, and snow and ice architects do their best to surprise people. When the tradition started, there were just various figures, but very soon the tradition appeared to follow a certain theme. This time they’ve beaten all their previous masterpieces, having created something like a miniature St.Petersburg, which this year’s theme. All the digures represent different monuments, buildings and scenes typical for St.Petersburg. If you were there, you’d recognize them.

The spots are coins. Guards remove them, but people keep sticking them all the same.

It is known that Peter the Great 'cut' a window into Europe.

It is huge work, with all the amount of ice needed to build the figures, so one pays for the entrance. This year it is 150 rubles per person (children under 7 are granted free access). Besides, if you leave the territory for a while, you have to buy a new ticket. Not very cheap, especially if you go with your whole family, but definitely worth the money.

There are warm cafes there, where you can have tea, coffee and snacks.

During the Christmas holidays the ‘town’ was packed, because the weather wasvery nice, about -10 in the daytime. It is good and bad at the same time. There were loads of people, and one had to queue to slide downhill, but both children and adults didn’t mind, and even grannies and grandpas stood and waited for their turns to have fun.


 Fortunately, yesterday I had no work and one of my sons was at home, so we went there again. And it was fabulous! About 10 visitors only, a lot of space, empty slides! We spent two hours tobogganing and looking around.

Come to Novosibirsk in winter! Kids are welcome, too!

5 Responses to Winter entertainment for the little ones in Novosibirsk

  1. lovely post and what fun for kids

  2. Olja:

    Rebecca, thanks! Fun is not only for kids. I made about 20 turns yesterday, and today I’ve found a big blue spot on my thigh. Still, I’m going to go there at least once this winter)

  3. Спасибо за красивые фотографии
    Я планирую посетить скоро
    привет из Германии

    thank youfor these woonnnnderful pictures.
    want to visit it soon.
    greetings from germany. 🙂

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