Winter Fun in Novosibirsk. Huskypulled Sled Riding!

AskNovosibirsk is happy to announce an absolutely new winter fun for the city guests and residents. The one you can experience only in areas with snowy winters, and, despite global warming, Siberia is still snow-covered for nearly five months, mid November to late March!    

Dog-pulled sled riding is ultimate fun! It’s a relatively new entertainment, but we all know there is nothing new under the Sun! Once upon a time it was the only way of getting around, along with horse riding and moving in a cart pulled by horses. This way of transportation is always associated with Russia and Siberia! And it is coming back now as an entertainment,  but at the same time it’s contacts with animals, which is beneficial for people, especially kids.

In partnership with the husky farm ‘Talisman of the Siberian Land’  we offer husky-pulled sled riding. It is all-year-round fun, but it’s the most enjoyable in winter. Sparkling white snow, amazing huskies and you managing the cart! What can be more exciting? After the ride you can hug all dogs, who are extremely friendly, enjoy a cup of delicious tea in a real yurt and buy some home-made local products like herbs and honey.

The farm is located in the outskirts of Novosibirsk, so it can easily fit into any of the city tours, or it can be a separate activity.

Prices: upon request, depending on the number of people.

Duration: a farm visit only — approximately 3-4 hours; a city tour + a farm visit — 6-7 hours.

Contact us for more information and to book

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