Winter Fun in Novosibirsk. Ice Skating.

Siberia is one of the places associated with cold, frosts, everlasting and never-melting snow. Shortly: it is associated with WINTER. And winter is associated not just with staying indoors and drinking hot or long drinks, but, first of all, with outdoor winter fun.

In this post and so forth I’m starting to share with my subscribers what fun you can have in Novosibirsk in winter. Let’s start with ice-skating. 

Of course, we are not speaking of professional figure skating with complex jumps and sophisticated rotations. We are not going to do that. What we want to do is just have fun staying outside. You can do it alone or in a couple or group, at the age of 7 or 77. Even if it’s your first time on ice, you will have lots of fun and good physical training in the open air. Here in Novosibirsk we do it on skating rinks, not on ponds, lakes or rivers. You can rent a pair of skates, change clothes, have some rest and a cup of tea and get warm. To rent skates you need your passport, driver’s license or any other ID. In some places you can sharpen your skates. Some skating rinks charge some amount for using your own skates.

Would you need to change your clothes to skate in the open air?  All depends on the weather and how skilled you are. Skating, the same as many other outdoor activities, can be challenging at temperatures below -20C and even below -10 in case of wind.

Where to go skating in Novosibirsk. Here are just a few ideas, but there are skating rinks in all city parts and in the suburbs.

  1. Zaeltsovsky Park alone offers three skating rinks: one at the river, one at the entrance close to the parking lot, and one in the heart of the park, surrounded by pine trees (I like this one most, and it’s also the least crowded). Skates rental is offered at all three of them. All three rinks are accessible by public transport or taxi.

2. Spartak Stadium. This skating rink is located in the downtown, close to two metro stations, Krasny Prospect and Lenin Square. Here the ice quality is close to professional and the place is taken good care of. This rink is also one of the largest in the city, but due to its location it’s the most crowded as well. But it’s perfect if you have just an hour for fun. Here you can come even during your lunchtime.

3. Central Park. Just a couple of minutes walk from the luxurious Marriott Hotel, the Opera House and Lenin Square. Very close to Lenin Square metro station. A cozy skating rink mostly visited by kids and couples. Also perfect for some fun during lunch break. Can be included into a walking tour.

4. Birch Grove Park (Berezovaya Roscha). A pretty small skating rink, visited by lots of young people in the evening. Easily accessible by metro (Berezovaya Roscha Station).

Skates rental in all these places is approximately 150-250 rubles. Need help or want to include ice skating into your city tour? Feel free to contact me! I’m a fan of ice skating myself, so I’d be happy to join you.

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