Winter Walking Tours of Novosibirsk.

You’ve finally determined to book a walking tour of Novosibirsk in the middle of winter? Congratulations! Snow-covered trees, beautiful ladies in luxurious fur coats, happy kids in funny snow suits, snow and ice figures, Christmas decorations — you will experience the REAL Siberia! You’ll surprise your friends with great pics you are about to have! 

Here there are some simple tips you should follow so that your walking tour would be a pleasure and not a nightmare.

  • Look at the weather forecast and decide if you really want a walking tour. My recommendation: up to -10C a walking tour is perfectly OK, if you follow all the other tips and have proper clothes. It’s best to look up at the weather forecast before your arrival here, but it’s always better to have an extra sweater and a spare pair of socks than to spend your first day here looking for the proper clothes. If it’s colder than -15C, consider a car-based tour. Remember: wind makes cold colder. Windy -10C is often worse than -20C without wind.
  • Already mentioned: proper clothes! There is a famous saying here: a Siberian is not the one who doesn’t get cold but the one who has proper clothes. When travelers order a tour with me in winter, in most cases I’m the one who has the warmest garments. And I know what I’m doing! Of course, if you are from Norway, Canada or Alaska, you know what I’m talking about, but for those coming from nearly all the other countries it’s worth remembering: Siberia is Siberia. Proper clothes include a good down coat, better with a hood, good hat, good scarf, good mittens or gloves, and last but not least, good boots! Boots deserve a couple of extra words, because if your feet get cold, the rest of your body gets cold, too. Here we usually wear boots with some real fur inside, but I know this is pretty rare in many countries. So modern boots with GORE-TEX technology or similar is a good choice. But even boots like that require a proper pair of extra socks. And! Put on some sort of underwear under your jeans or trousers and don’t even try to run around in trendy jeans with holes. You don’t want to end up in a hospital, right?

  • Be ready to walk fast! If it’s up to -10C or warmer, we can make long stops, but you definitely can’t sit on he bench or steps enjoying the view. If it’s -15C or colder, we will have to keep going all the way.
  • Explore one or several cafes and order something warming like ginger or herbal tea with Siberian honey and lemon, or pumpkin coffee with cinnamon. All local cafes know how to make you warm and happy offering delicious winter specialties. Please don’t try to get warm with vodka or other spirits. You’ll ruin all pleasure.

  • Plan you tour for the light part of the day. It gets dark around 5 pm here from November to January. Evenings are nice with all the illumination on, but you feel warmer anyway when it’s light.


Have more questions? Feel free to ask. enjoy your winter walking tour!

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