Zaeltsovsky Park


If you are tired of the ‘stone jungles’, it’s the right time to go to a park for some fresh air. In a city so crowded with cars as Novosibirsk it is vital. The city center is not especially rich in parks, but the outskirts offer wonderful opportunities, besides, they are easily accessible by public transportation.


Zaeltsovsky Park is one of the best opportunities offering a lot to do for everyone. In summer it is a paradise for bicycle-lovers and inline skaters, while in winter you can do cross-country skiing, figure skating, tobogganing, ski-doo, and dog sledging; and all the year round you can just walk and enjoy pine trees, as well as grill in one of numerous shelters with a fireplace. You don’t have to bring your own bicycles, skis or skates, everything can be rented for any period.


If you feel hungry, there are several cafeterias and a restaurant-shalet, and one very special place called ‘Ethnic Village’ with a tea-room or rather a tea tent offering exotic sorts of tea like salted tea, tea with pepper or herbal tea in an exotic ambience with ethnic music. IMG_1508IMG_1515IMG_1512

The tea tent often offers its visitors different arts, crafts or photo exhibitions, IMG_1510

while the ‘Ethnic Settlement’ regularly organizes different theme events. Here you can also practise archery (6 shots 150 rubles). IMG_1507IMG_1505

You can get to the park by bus 95 and minibuses 19, 25, 28. Another opportunity, though in summer only, is to get there by the so-called ‘Children Railway’ (in Russian only), the first station of which is situated in the Novosibirsk Zoo ( The railway is quite slow, but you can enjoy watching the pine and birch forest.

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    Olga, thank you for writing this great blog. Really enjoying reading it! (Arjun in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

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