Guided Tours in Novosibirsk and Around


I offer tailor-made tours of Novosibirsk and its surroundings. Select one of the tours listed or send me a message with your wishes!

1. Historical downtown.
If you are short of time but want to have an idea of Novosibirsk, this tour is what you want. You will explore the main sights, like the luxurious Main Railway Station, the Ascension Cathedral (1913),  the magnificent Lenin Square with the grand Opera and Ballet Theatre, St.Nikolas Chapel (the former centre of the Russian Empire), the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (1899), the busy and authentic Central Market, and a lot more. As all the main sights are easily accessible on foot, this one is a walking tour, but a bus/minibus/car is possible at extra payment. Multiple museums like the Siberian Birch Bark, the Nature and History Museum, the Novosibirsk Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Nikolas Roerich can be explored on the way.

Standard duration: 2-4 hours.

Walking or car-based: walking, but a car/bus and/or public transportation can be arranged.

Price: walking — 3000 rubles/50 USD per group; car-based — depending on the number of tourists and the type of vehicle.

Option: You have more spare time? Interested in wildlife? Want to have some fresh air? Don’t miss the Novosibirsk Zoo, the largest in Europe. Find out more.

2. Academgorodok (the Academic Town),

the city part designed and built in the 50ies by Mr.Khruschev, the then Soviet Leader, together with the prominent academicians for the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. Hidden in the middle of the vast forest for security reasons, Academgorodok is still the greenest city part. Get off the bus or park your car and take a walk along its streets, lanes and forest paths. On the way explore the magnificent new building and the modest but functional first building of the Novosibirsk State University, get immersed into the everyday life of a bright international crowd of students and scientists, and discover the unique and somewhat melancholy monument to a laboratory mouse.. A visit to the Museum of Minerals, the Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology or the open-air Railway Museum will make your impression complete. On your way either to or back explore the Ob Reservoir called the ‘Ob Sea’ by the locals due to its vastness.

Note! It’s best to combine the tour to Academgorodok with the historical downtown to get full impression of Novosibirsk, as since the end of the 50ies science has been one of the main activities here! Novosibirsk and Academgorodok are inseparable, so be sure to discover both.

Standard duration: 4-5 hours.

Walking or car-based: as Academgorodok is approximately 20 km away from the downtown, either public transportation or a car/minibus is required to get there. As soon as we get there, either walking or driving around is possible. Time permitting, I recommend walking, as it’s amidst the forest, so why not having some fresh air?

Price: public transportation + walking — 5000 rubles/80 USD per group; car-based — depending on the number of tourists and the type of vehicle.


3. Zaeltsovsky Park and the ethnic tea jurt. Explore the lifestyle, dwellings and traditional games and pastime of Eastern and Northern Siberian tribes and folks. Enjoy a delicious cup of traditional herbal tea in the authentic jurt and meditate to the sounds of tribal music.

 4. Kolyvan (car-based). Kolyvan is a settlement 40 km to the north of Novosibirsk. Before the railway bridge over the Ob river had been built, Kolyvan was an important merchant town and a fortress in its earlierst period. There are numerous old houses built in the 19th century bearing witness to its former splendor. You can have a glimpse of Russian rural lifestyle quite close to the busy metropolis. The tour normally lasts 3-4 hours. In summer different open-air events are held on a big lawn close to Kolyvan, so, if lucky, if can experience something really unique.


All these tours can be combined and expanded. Prices are negotiable and depend on the number of people in your group, the tour duration, the transportation, etc. 

Have a longer stay in Novosibirsk? Its surroundings have a lot to offer! Choose one of the tours listed:

A tour to the Bald peaks of Bugotak, the beginning of the huge Asian mountain land. Climb one of the peaks and enjoy the scenery! This car-based tour takes up to 6 hours.

A car-based tour to Berdskiye Skaly (Rocks on the Berd), the most beautiful area in Novosibirsk Region, often compared to Altai Mountains. Read more. This tour can take up to 8 hours. A picnic with a campfire at the site and a short trekking are possible.

A car-based tour to Tomskaya Pisanitsa, the open-air museum with ancient rock paintings, samples of ancient dwellings, objects of arts and crafts of the Siberian tribes, a zoo and many other attractions. This tour takes at least one day taken the distance between Novosibirsk and the place (appr.300 km one way). A night in Kemerovo is possible to make the tour less tiresome and more informative.

A tour to Tomsk, the city lying 250 km to the north from Novosibirsk. The city is over 400 years old, with hundreds of examples of wooden architecture, many old and world-recognized universities and plenty of other attractions. This tour takes at least one day taken the distance between Novosibirsk and the place (appr.250 km one way). I recommend a night in Tomsk to make the tour less tiresome and more informative and enjoyable. There are plenty of hostels and hotels, as well as apartments for rent. Tomsk is accessible by car/bus or by train.

A tour to the grand wooden church in Turnayevo village. The tour can take up to 8 hours taken the distance between Novosibirsk and Turnayevo (appr. 160 km). It can be combined with a tour to Tomsk.


Any other tour to any other place in Novosibirsk Region. If you know what you want to see, I will be happy to accompany you there . I will also be pleased to be your guide, assistant, and interpreter in your travel to other siberian cities and towns like Biysk , Barnaul and Kemerovo .

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, as well as to book a tour, via the ‘Ask Your Question’ page. All prices are negotiable and depend on a number of people in a group, etc.

I am looking forward to your visit to Novosibirsk and will be happy to guide you!

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