126 athlets crossed the Ob River


On August 8, 2015, 126 athlets crossed the Ob River, each of them swam about 3000 meters.  The event is traditional, it has taken place many times before. during several last years the distance was somewhat shorter due to the construction of the new highway bridge, but this year the initial distance was restored. Athlets start swimming close to Bugrinsky Bridge and finish the distance at Oktyabrsky Bridge, which is the oldest in the city. The width of the river is about 800 meters, the flow is quite strong, so the overall distance is about 3000 meters. The swimmers are accompanied by the giard service and doctors, who are ready to help in case someone of the participants sees he or she is unable to go on.

This year there were 126 people, the oldest being 75 years old and the youngest 16. Before the swim participants do some preliminary exercises and sign the paper where they explain that they understand and accept their responsibility.

This year Rodion Dryakhlov, 23, was the fastest among men, while Alena Kozhakina, 23, was the fastest female swimmer.

The event is charitable. All participants have to make a contribution of 300 roubles, and after the swim all collected money is used to help disabled children.

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