A Day in Blagodatnoye

Blagodatnoye is a so-called «kinship homestead» settlement (родовое поместье, rodovoye pomest’ye) located 100 km to the south of Novosibirsk, overlooking the picturesque Ob Reservoir. A ‘kinship homestead’ is somewhat similar to the popular concept of an eco-settlement, however, the concept is broader and is based on the idea of Vladimir Megre, a Siberian businessman and writer best known as the author of the Ringing Cedars of Russia (also known as Anastasia) series of books, which since the 1990s has given rise to a very special socio-religious movement focused on the correct approach to planning, conceiving and raising children, which should all occur at the same location: a family homestead, or self-sufficient plot of land surrounded by a hedge with a water source, dwelling, woods, a meadow, vegetable gardens, berries, herbs, mushrooms, a greenhouse, a banya and beehives. The homestead should be created by a mother and a  father for the health and enjoyment of posterity.

Before the publication of the first book in 1996, there were virtually no family homestead settlements in Russia. However, now there are over 230 of them in different parts of Russia.

The books have become the basis for a Russian «back-to-the-land» movement based on permanently sustainable, self-reliant, and self-sufficient simple living, providing both physical subsistence and spiritual fulfilment. They combine deep ecology with traditional family values and worship of God (Rod) through nature. This is how Blagodatnoye started as well.

Blagodatnoye is located 100 km to the south of Novosibirsk in Ordynsky District amidst the wild meadows overlooking the serene artificial Ob Sea. It was founded by enthusiastic individuals striving to create and live in the environment of mutual respect, beauty, joy and happiness, to ensure happy life of generations of residents.

Here a visitor can feel the power of the Russian Soul and the Russian Spirit; here any business you start is a success; here you feel the invisible threads bringing you to the ‘other world’ and find the keys from the Sacred Kingdom.

Currently there are approximately 100 homestead here, but only 21 families live in Blagodatnoye permanently.

The residents restore and revive national arts and crafts, learn history and heritage of their ancestors; they live in harmony with nature and study beneficial properties of herbs and plants. Children of the residents are mostly home-schooled, and the residents are always happy to share their home-schooling experience. Many kids are home-born. They tend to live healthy life, which also includes only sustainable agricultural methods. This great community knows how to celebrate life; they know their roots and traditions organizing and celebrating national and traditional festivals, many of which are of the pagan origin.

Most of the residents do business, which is inseparable from their lifestyle. Beehives and honey production, self-made clothing items, herbs, food and drink, cosmetics, oils, furniture and utensils from natural wood, and lots more — this is what you can find here.

The residents are happy to share their experience and always welcome visitors. Being good friends and partners, AskNovosibirsk’s team and the residents of Blagodatnoye offer several variants of tours to this amazing place. Any tour takes the whole day. but you won’t want to leave this serene place. Generosity and affection of the residents, beauty of the surrounding landscape, absolutely natural food and warms hearts will overwhelm you. And if you want to have a unique experience and feel like a local, you are welcome to spend a night or two in the camping near Blagodatnoye. Just you, virgin nature, no civilization, wooden cabins, a banya and breath-taking landscapes! This is the perfect way to experience true Russia and Siberia as it was a couple of hundreds years ago.

A ‘whole day in Blagodatnoye’ tour includes:

*A visit to a chamber (a traditional wooden house where you will be met by Ratta, the lady who knows everything about ancient Slavic symbols, traditional household utensils used in Russia since the ancient times. You will be offered to try a traditional Slavic dress or costume and to drink Sbiten’, the traditional Slavic alcohol-free drink.

*A visit to two of many family homesteads, where, depending on the season and your interests, you will know everything about: manufacture of extra virgin cedar oil; manufacture of traditional wooden furniture; home schooling and natural agricultural methods; manufacture of yeast-free bread; beehives and honey production; manufacture of traditional Slavic clothing. You can try horse riding and traditional scything.

You can buy any of the mentioned items. For lunch you will be treated to delicious home-made traditional Russian vegetarian dishes with wild herbs and heavenly herbal tea with pancakes.

Weather permitting, you can go on a short hike and have a swim in the river.

Price: upon request, depending on the number of people in the group. Inclusions: transfer, tea with pancakes, lunch. Exclusions: any souvenirs you buy from the settlers.

Note: Blagodatnoye is located 100 km away from Novosibirsk! This is a whole day tour. Departure from Novosibirsk — 8 am or earlier, arrival to Novosibirsk — around 8-9 pm.

If you want to know more about the concept or read any of the books by Vladimir Megre, look up here: https://www.vmegre.com/en/


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