Aero Show-2015

IMG_2054 Aero Show is an annual event in Novosibirsk. It takes place on the last Sunday of July at Mochische Air Field normally used for amateur flights and trainings. It is about 50 km to the north of the city, at the edge of the settlement called Mochische. You can get there by a short-distance train, by bus or by taxi/personal car. Anyway, on the show day you’d better start as early as possible, as thousands of people visit the event.




At the show you can see helicopters, military and civil airplanes, paratroopers and much more than that! IMG_2046IMG_2051

Oldtimers, both civil and military, open-air concerts of local and Russia-known music stars, airplane models, manned and unmanned… IMG_2050

Everyone can find something interesting for her- or himself! IMG_2074

This time the key event was the performance of the famous Russian Falcons (Sokoly Rossii), the nation-best military aviation team! IMG_2054

Four jets presented the exceptional talent and courage of their pilots ending in the figure called ‘tulip’ devoted to all the ladies present.IMG_2064

The performance was also an honour to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.IMG_2065IMG_2075IMG_2076


Don’t miss the event in 2016!



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