Bugrinsky Bridge

In a way Novosibirsk is a city of bridges. It might sound strange, as we are not Venice and not even St.Petersburg. In total there are not really many bridges in the Siberian Capital, but most of them are unique in a certain way. In fact, Novosibirsk was born thanks to one of them — the first railway bridge over the Ob river. But in this post I want to tell you about Bugrinsky Bridge. Chronologically, it’s the third highway bridge in the city.​

Its construction started in 2009 and in autumn 2014 it was inaugurated by President Vladimir Putin himself! Which definitely means that the bridge is extremely important for the city, the President of the largest country in the world would not waste his precious time in vain.

The name Bugrinsky was chosen by the population. The name originates from Bugrinskaya Roscha (grove) city part, which, in its turn, originates from the village Bugry (‘small hills’), which existed here decades and centuries ago.​

The total length of the bridge is 2097.5 meters. The structure includes traffic junctions and a couple of pedestrian bridges (one of which is a perfect viewpoint). The span of the bridge is huge — 380 meters! It is the largest bridge span in Russia! It makes the bridge unique! In fact, the bridge is a cable bridge. I am unable to explain its engineering details, but I swear it’s pretty sophisticated and advanced.​

The bridge arch has the form of a bow, one of the symbols of Siberia. The engineers believe it can be in use for over 70 years without any special maintenance. To test the bridge and check its quality 16 large trucks (KAMAZs) were used, fully loaded with sand, with the total weight of over 450 tons!

The bridge is one of the most visited objects and symbols of Novosibirsk together with our opera house and the railway station.​

I include it into any car or bus tour, whenever possible. There are several viewpoints near here, and if you have more spare time, it’s always a pleasure to walk closer to the bridge or even walk under it along the beach. In winter you can try renting a pair of skis and have a go in the park.​

In summer it’s great to enjoy the view of the bridge (and lots of other amazing views) going on a boat tour.

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