Delicatessen Store. New Way of Eating Out


The concept of delicatessen stores is not completely new for Russia. They existed during the Soviet Era, too, however, it was not common to eat out there and the food was rather plain, mostly represented by a few  types pirozhkis (buns or patty cakes). For eating out there were canteens, the Soviet kind of fast food, offering very typical set of dishes, including mashed potatoes, chops, borsch and a salad or two. Of course, it was not common to ‘spend time’ there, and the quality of food left much to be desired. The modern delicatessen stores resemble their ancestors only in terms of plain interior, though of course it’s lots more comfortable and welcoming. Otherwise they are a fast, convenient, cheap and healthy variant of eating out suitable for all sorts of visitors. Fans of traditional food, vegetarians, vegans, followers of gluten-free diet and even raw-food enthusiasts won’t stay hungry here. Everything is always fresh, the choice is abundant, the staff is helpful and ready to explain what is what, and the service is quick, and the prices are very affordable. Exactly what you need, if you are in a rush, or if you are a traveler who want to eat healthy local food but don’t want to spend hours waiting for your dish. In the early hours you can be offered a traditional Russian or continental breakfast, and around lunchtime you will always choose one of 2 or 3 soup varieties. All food and drinks can be packed, so that you can enjoy them at home or in your hotel room.

As of today, there are two places I recommend, both in the downtown, easily accessible by metro.

  1. Iz Drugugo Testa (From a Different Dough). Sovetskaya St.22, open Mo-Sun 8-22. Just a couple of minutes walk from the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the main city attraction. The special feature of the place is a huge choice of bakery and plenty of vegan chops (from carrots, peas, chickpeas, broccoli, etc.).

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2. Svekla (Beet Root). Krasny Prospect 65a, right above the entrance to Krasny Prospect metro station. Opened just a couple of months ago, this place has only a few tables and very nice interior. The place offers good wine, a good choice of vegetarian and vegan food and fine bakery. WP_20180329_12_46_01_Pro WP_20180329_12_46_12_Pro

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