Femininity flashmob in Novosibirsk


Announced in the previous post, femininity flashmob successfully took place on August 1.



It is well known that Russian women are considered by many to be beautiful and smart.


But the goal of the flashmob was not to demonstrate this, but to make the world better through beauty.


It is said that ‘beauty will save the world’ , so about a hundred ladies of different ages gathered on the central square. The most of them wore long dresses, many had flowers on their heads, many brought their children, husbands, boyfriends or friends. Many had flowers in their hands with the purpose to present a flower to another women, who looked upset to raise their spirits, to make them smile or just to share beauty with other people and with the whole world.IMG_2087


At the end of the flashmob the girls formed a circle and chanted a short mantra/prayer for peace, beauty and hapiness in the whole universe.


The flasmob is annual, so on August 1, 2016, the ladies are to gather again. The flashmob is not just a Novosibirsk event, it takes place in many Russian cities, towns and villages, and in some foreign cities and towns, too.  If you can read in Russian, find out more here: http://www.valyaeva.ru/happy/flashmob/



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