I Dolci. A sweet piece of Italy in Novosibirsk.

Cold Siberian winter is the time when everyone wants to feel warm, nice and comfortable. It’s the time when you are looking for something sweet, spicy and delicious. Not necessarily healthy for the body, but definitely relaxing and calming for the soul. Well, you find all this in I Dolci cafe, a piece of Italy in the heart of Siberia.

It is something of a challenge to find the place, but it’s worth trying. It’s located along Ippodromskaya highway, a busy street dividing the city center in two large parts. To get to I Dolci you have to cross it using the oldest pedestrian bridge in Novosibirsk erected approximately a century ago. A bit hard on a windy day, but once you get to I Dolci, you feel you are exactly where you want to be.

Extremely cozy interior, lots of flowers, candles, chandeliers, and mind-blowing scents of coffee and something sweet… Yes, it’s time to relax. In the card you find homemade pasta, all-natural yeast-free bread, absolutely charming pastries. Everything served in very special cups and plates, full of taste, glamour and style.

The place is ideal for a romantic date, and your kids will love the kids area with toys and pencils. No wonder it is here; the owner of the place is a charming lady and a mother of three. The place is also great for a family lunch or dinner, as well as for a business meeting and confidential negotiations on the second level.

Location: Novosibirsk, Ippodromskaya St.8

Web: http://idolci.ru/

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