Kolyada Cafe. Traditionally Russian and Great Food for Everyone


Kolyada is perhaps the best place to eat in Novosibirsk. Traditional Russian cuisine, traditional Russian interior, nice music, prompt service, great location close to the major attractions and business quarters. It’s affordable for everyone: families with kids, office workers, students, budget travelers, but it’s not surprising to see wealthy business owners and public figures here.

The huge choice of food and drink is sure to please everyone, from those preferring traditional steaks and pelmeni to vegans and those who eat raw. Moms will be happy to find home-made porridge and mashed potatoes for their dear little ones and more than that: every Kolyada has a place to play full of toys, boards and pencils.

The place is good for any company, even if there are 10 of you in your group. Of course, it’s better to reserve a table if you are that many. The place is also great for parties, so be aware of that, if you want to dine here on a Friday or Saturday night in summer, as it’s the most popular wedding time, and Kolyada offers superb wedding parties with tables nearly breaking down under the weight of gorgeous traditional dishes.



Be sure to write down the locations or bookmark the website of the place to lunch or dine here during your stay in Novosibirsk.  Choose one of the easy-to-find locations: Vokzalnaya Magistral 15, Zhukovskogo St.123, Gogolya St.38, Blukhera St.77, Tankovaya St.1. Web: http://www.cafekolyada.ru/

Hint: Lunch or dinner in Kolyada in Zhukovskogo St.123 will be an ideal culmination of you visit to the Novosibirsk Zoo. The place is just opposite the main entrance, across the street.

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