Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, Academgorodok, Novosibirsk

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography in Academgorodok (academic town) of Novosibirsk is not a widely known one , but this fact makes it even more interesting.

This small museum was founded and belongs to the Research Institute of History and Archeology, one of many research institutes in our Academgorodok. Thus, it is run by researchers who love their job and are ready to speak about it for hours. Moreover, many of them speak good English and some of them speak German or other languages, which makes the visit to the museum a very nice experience, not only for those who are interested in archeology, but for average people as well.

When I visited the museum for the first time, I found out how little I knew about the region I live in. Since then I’ve read some books and articles and definitely know more, but still, every time I visit the museum, I learn something new.

The collection of exhibits is impressive! It includes artifacts from the Lithic Age and the Iron Age, objects found in ice lenses in Altai Mountains, and you can see the famous Ukok Princess (a mummy of a rich woman found in perfect condition in a grave on Ukok Plateau, Altai Mountains) with all her belongings, and a mummy of a young man found not far from the ‘princess’ with his horse in the same grave.

In the next hall you can see the exhibits showing the way of life of various Siberian folks, such as people living in Altai, Buryatia, the North of Siberia and Slavic people.

I offer a visit to this museum to all my tourists, and, of course, it is for them to decide if they want to visit it or not, but I believe it’s one of the most interesting museums in my city.


















One important thing to remember: the museum belongs to the research institute and is open only on business days, not on public holidays and weekends. A guided tour of the museum should be booked in advance by telephone and confirmed on the day of the visit. A tour lasts for about 1-1.5 hours, but normally you can stay longer, unless there are other visitors waiting.

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  1. Hello, Did you do DNA analysis about, which Ethnographic group the Altai Princess belong to?

    • Olja:

      Hi! I don’t really know, cause I have nothing to do with the museum. I’m just a guide and tour operator. But I guess the researchers did, and they have some ideas about it. I think you should contact them directly, if you have some scientific interest. Actually, the princess mummy is now in Gorno-Altaisk.

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