Novosibirsk Zoo

bg-bear-low  The Zoo in Novosibirsk is one of the largest in Russia and one of the main city sights. It history started in 1933, when a small activity center for children was organized, where kids were suppose to learn about animals and to take care of them. In 1950 it was turned to the zoo. It was home to 82 species of animals and was well visited, though its general condition was rather poor. The cages were small and uncomfortable and visitors had difficulties moving around. Everyone understood that the new premises was urgently required, but the construction did not start until 1983. The huge territory is located amidst the pine forest ensuring nature-similar conditions for the residents. In 2005 all the animals and the administrative staff relocated and overnight the zoo became one of the most visited places in the city where everyone can easily spend the whole day under green trees looking at animals and birds. IMG_1372


For more than 50 years the zoo was managed by Rostislav Shilo, a great fan of animals and people, an active social worker and a member of the local municipality. Rostislav was made the zoo director at a very young age, having no idea that the zoo would become his whole life. Thanks to his endless efforts the zoo got the new residence, always received new species from all over the world, continuously expanded its area, built new premises including the dolphinarium and the penguinarium, offered more and more opportunities for relaxing and spending time. Till his final days Mr.Shilo took care of everything happening there. Now the zoo bears his name and Mr.Shilo still lives in the zoo.


The zoo is open for visitors every day. In summer it is open 9-00 to 21-00 (cash desk until 20-00), in winter 9-00 to 18-00 (cash desk until 17-00). The entrance fee for adults is 300 rubles and 100 rubles for children 7-16.


There are numerous cafes and snack bars in the zoo, and your kids will enjoy lots of fun activities there.


The zoo is famous for a unique animal born here in 2004 — a liger! A liger is a child of a tiger and a lion.


The zoo a perfect destination for you, if you have a spare day in Novosibirsk, but even a couple of hours here are rewarding. Though the zoo is located nearly in the wilderness of the forest, it is easily accessible by all means of public transportation or taxi.

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    we are from an bird zoo in netherland and we want to ask if you are searching for animals.
    do you have a surplus list ?than maybe we can help each other.
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