Winter in Siberia is associated with frosts, lots of snow all around and, of course, BANYA!

Banya is where you purify your body, mind and soul. Banya is the place to relax, to forget about all your everyday worries and troubles, to remember who you really are, to restore your balance. And, of course, to get warm.

MIRA Spa is the unique location. Travelers from all over the world claim there is nothing like this in any other Russian city.

It is the largest SPA in Siberia. Here you indulge yourself to all sorts of banyas and saunas, a huge warm swimming pool, invigorating whirlpools, salt rooms or just relax overlooking the tranquil lake and pine forest.



Its soul is the SPA offering a variety of hot houses from all over the Globe.

Novosibirsk is rich in SPAs and saunas, but MIRA is very special. It is pure relax, where nothing disturbs you, but everything is to calm you down. Let yourself immerse in all sorts of hot houses like the typical Russian banya, after which you dive into ice-cold water or rain down a bucket over you, the Turkish hammam filled with mind-blowing fragrances, Morocco-style sauna where you spread healing scrubs and muds all over your body, the mild-warm flower sauna filled with relaxing scents and the hay sauna where you inhale hay and straw. After each go you can relax in cool water of the pool or Jacuzzi. Visitors are offered free herbal and black tea, or, if you feel hungry (banyas are energy-consuming), you can enjoy a meal in Mamin-Sibiryak Cafe offering healthy food and drinks from local eco-products.

The price depends on the day of the week and time of the day. You can choose between the whole-day or 3-hours visit. On Friday only adults 14+ are admitted.

You are recommended to bring your own rubber slippers, a towel and a bath gown, but you can rent them at the reception.  The place is completely alcohol and smoke free.



The SPA is localed in the quiet city part overlooking a lake. This unique ‘urban health resort’ offers a spacious swimming pool, a special kids area, an open-air beach and lots of hothouses. A huge variety of all sorts of SPA treatment is a special feature, where everyone find whet he or she desires: massage, scrubbing, aurvedic treatment, and lots more.

Now there is no need to escape to a far-away country. Let yourself spend a day in MIRA and you are sure to feel refreshed and revived.

MIRA SPA Pine Forest (Сосновый бор) is an urban health resort. Come early in the morning and stay till evening, enjoying the whole day in various saunas and hot houses contemplating the forest.
Okruzhnaya St., 33


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